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 Chess playing:

Chess4Net 2010.1.1 (Skype plug-in - Linux) (TAR.BZ2-file 1.5 Mb)
Chess4Net 2007.6 (Socket Win32)
Chess4Net 2007.6 (Linux executable) (TAR.BZ2-file 1.19 Mb)
Chess4Net 2011.1 (Skype plug-in - Windows) (Installer 1.07 Mb)
Chess4Net 2011.1 (Skype plug-in - Windows) (ZIP-file 900 Kb)
Chess4Net 2010.0 (Miranda plug-in) (ZIP-file 864 Kb)
Chess4Net 2008.1 (Trillian Pro plug-in) (ZIP-file 692 Kb)
Chess4Net 2008.1 (&RQ plug-in) (ZIP-file 693 Kb)
Chess4Net 2008.1 (QIP Infium plug-in) (ZIP-file 699 Kb)

Chess analysis:

!NEW! Chess4Net Analyzer_2013.1 (Windows) (Installer 4.6 Mb)
!NEW! Chess4Net Analyzer_2013.1 (Windows) (ZIP-file 6.5 Mb)
Chess4Net Analyzer_2011.3 (Windows) (Installer 3.34 Mb)

!NEW! Databases



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What is Chess4Net?

Chess4Net is a server-client program for playing chess via Net. It likes to run on systems with fast Internet-connection or LAN (Local Area Network).

Chess4Net has a very special feature: the stronger player can give to the weaker one a time-handicap in order to equalize their chances.

Chess4Net !NEW! can also be used as a training tool now. It can learn from user's games and dynamically adapt to him/her. 

Chess4Net under Windows OS

Chess4Net supports normal chess and an art of random chess called PP Random Chess (PPRC). If you feel yourself an expert in chess theory, try playing PPRC to find out your real strength.

Chess4Net has a very simple interface and menu (and therefore has no help :-) ). Don't hesitate, just press the right button of your mouse.

Chess4Net under Linux (WINE )

Chess4Net can also be run under Linux OS in WINE or as standalone application.

Chess4Net !NEW! is now also available as Skype, Miranda, Trillian Pro, &RQ plug-ins. Even if you don't feel yourself confident with Internet and have no idea about domain name or IP, you will be able to play chess with your contacts.

Chess4Net Analyzer !NEW! is an application for viewing, editing and analysing chess games. It has a chess engine which helps you find best continuations, and it can work with attachable openings DBs which are useful for mastering new openings and improving existing ones in your repertory. It supports a training mode which is useful for thoughtful replay of chess problems, studies and grandmaster games.

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